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55 days Lead Time

• Average lead time in the past 3 years less than 55 days.

• lead time was worked out by man-hour collected in the past years which makes the figure in the system reasonable and accurate. The system overcomes the human factor, making the lead time accurate.

• Each production procedures could be found in this system, from casting making to assembling, each order could be tracked any time.

• The production management staff were all experienced employees whom were involved in different process for more than 5 years

• lead time data was collected each day and replay each month to make sure the data in the system were updated.

• Safety casting stocks made for VIP clients to make sure any urgent requirements

3PC Threaded Ball Valve
3PC Threaded Ball Valve
2PC Full Port Ball Valve 2000PSI
2PC Full Port Ball Valve 2000PSI
Y Strainer
Y Strainer

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